Although a hard ebb the day after a blow, OC inlet’s waters were calm when we ti…

2021-05-31 20:44:16
Monty Hawkins

Although a hard ebb the day after a blow, OC inlet’s waters were calm when we tied her loose this morning. Ocean beyond was flat calm too – at least for the first mile or so. After that? Vestiges of the weekend’s wind & swell became piled a bit higher—sharper—more confused; clients’ need of bonine & dramamine grew more acute as sea heights built. For some the day did not go well.
Mate Brian shoved todays blocks over atop a reef I hope will one day be restored.
Sea bass fishing was excellent. Had my anglers not been so afflicted by “sea flu” we’d likely have limited the boat.
As it was I’m sure we had dinners around. “First limit” was a simultaneous affair among perhaps five anglers – too hard to call! Twille Curry of Fredericksburg VA took everyone’s pool money though, that we do know.
Saw my first common shearwater today – no pic. Did get decent pics (for an iPhone!) of sooty shearwaters which have been around some weeks now.
Weekly Benelli Reef Raffle winners were Leanna, Vinnie, & Todd. They each got an email yesterday evening. Jasmine pulled Leanna’s name first so she can pick from a hat or t-shirt – the others a t-shirt.
Their tickets, of course, all go back into the New Year’s Day drawing for a gorgeous Benelli 828U o/u in 12ga, or a Benelli M-2 semiauto in 12ga from their Performance Shop. Not a shooter? Choose $1,500.00 Cash!
Have knick-knack stuff salvaged off boats we’ve sunk. Will find something interesting for next week’s Sunday drawing. Also talking to tackle shops about livening up the weekly drawings. There’s a lot of weeks left before the grand prizes are drawn. Getting your reef raffle tix now ups your odds considerably.

Have been on a tear with reef building in the covid period. While reef blocks & pyramids are virtually free,
our larger projects aren’t —not by a long shot! Hoping to continue the run by sinking two tugs in coming months. At just under $100,000.00 its an expensive but doable project.
Do we need to raise money? Sure! But the goal is attainable.. If donating for charts or raffle tix consider upping your ante this year. We’ll put that coin to work!

Every donation builds reef!
Supporters can buy tix online at -Courtney & I will fill in your name and take a pic of the stubs to email you.
Tix are one for $10 – six for $50 – fourteen for $100 -thirty two for $200…
Tickets also available at Raceway Citgo with more locations soon.


Capt Monty Hawkins


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