Another glass-calm morning; surprising though after yesterday’s light northeaste…

2020-08-21 16:51:20

Another glass-calm morning; surprising though after yesterday’s light northeasterly breeze. We dropped a handful of Home Depot blocks at Capt Bob Gowar’s Memorial Reef and kept going.
Home Depot? Had to. Truck load of 16×16 chimney block coming from Potomac Valley Brick today ..but not before we’d left for fishing.
Hope to have the 16 x 20s in next week. Just discovered, they’re the best boat-deployable block ever..
Picked up a pair of turtle chokers (Mylar balloons) & then saw several huge leatherbacks – the very turtle most susceptible to ingesting helium depleted trash.
Also saw a large shark cruising the surface. Seemed to have a light collared dorsal. Will check with friend Capt Mark Sampson to see if he can cipher the sighting.
My first stop this morning saw good sea bassing, a fluke—then another, then we got covered up with dolphin (mahi) up to 6lbs. Caught 14 in a sudden flurry.
Nice way to start the day!
Cbass grew fussier as the day went on. We worked harder. Sure caught some pretty ones; more mahi too.
Capt John Murter limited on sea bass, Mike Grybos was one shy. Mark Duffy took everyone’s pool money with his summer-jumbo sea bass.
Don’t know how long these mahi will last. First storm I suppose.
Sure is nice to have em inshore again after so long.
Big news in OC reef building – see OC Reef Foundation’s post yesterday. It’s going to be a busy fall. If we can freshen up donations, likely our most prolific reef building in 15 years!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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