2020-05-27 16:56:14

Back to work! Well, working for our catch anyway.. Dropped our blocks and found sea bass fussy this morning. We’d get a quick pop at “lines in,” then mounds of fish on the screen with only the lightest bite you can barely feel – not interested!
After the fog burnt off and current rolled a bit further south they bit better. By then, of course, it was time to head for the barn, so we stayed. Am really late getting in..
Saw several South Polar Skuas or immature Pomarine Yeagers today. Will have to shop the pics out to experts..
Half my clients limited, the other half were dern close.
Arianna Urbanowski from Baltimore didn’t win the pool, but she sure put on a clinic. I felt bad for the guys fishing near her. She limited long before anyone else..
Deshawn Johnson did win the pool with a mighty fine cbass.
Andy Urbanowski Sr. & Jr. are holding up some nice bass. They took their thrashing with family pride.
John Murter of White Ford MD bagged out next; his friend Dale from York PA soon behind.
Special guest Jack Power & friend Patricia bagged out. It was her first fishing trip in the ocean. I promise it won’t be her last.
Looks like tomorrow will be another in a long list of bad weather days in May 2020!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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