Bit of southerly heave this am; remnants of yesterday’s wind I’m sure. Otherwise…

2021-06-20 18:48:08
Monty Hawkins

Bit of southerly heave this am; remnants of yesterday’s wind I’m sure. Otherwise? Slick calm with no wind evidenced upon the surface at all.
Sure seemed as though most of the offshore boats cancelled. Must‘ve been calling for hellfire & damnation off there.
Plenty pretty in here.
Happens though. Back in the early 1990s I had a day where the forecast was for 20+NE ..but there wasn’t a breath of air in the giant Shantytown flag. Departing in a 90 foot boat, the OC Princess; day looked plenty doable to me.
Just 5 miles out it went from calm to awful.
Seriously. The line was well-defined and quite nearshore. Great Gull Shoal (5nm) was a no go—rough as blazes. Little Gull Shoal (3nm) was fine.
Never saw it before or seen it since.
Has to be a line somewhere I suppose.
Wherever that weather line was today, it wasn’t within 25 miles of the MD coast.
Janelle Kress of Littlestown PA helped build reef today.
Sea bassin wasn’t bad. Fished all day in the ‘artillery creed’ style – shoot & move.
Couple long-time summer regulars & mates showing newbs how to fish for best effect; some folks were in double digits come 11:30…
At noon—almost exactly at noon, the sea surface changed character.
I thought, ‘Maybe this wind is what the bluewater boats were concerned with..’
No worries though. Enough breeze to mess up my drift was all far. I’m already booked out tomorrow; a ‘day off’ where I’ll do paperwork & write all day. Wind can do what it wants then.
Tuesday? Oyyyyy… We’ll see.
Anyway, Jim Kleedorfer of Nazareth, PA had our first limit just before one. Started going off like popcorn after that. About a third of the boat limited. Jim Kress of Littlestown PA took everyone’s pool money..

Will pull reef raffle winners tonight. Three entrants in the OC Reef Foundation’s annual Benelli Reef Raffle get drawn every Sunday. Those tix go right back in the basket for the next twenty-seven drawings and grand prize of a gorgeous 828U Benelli O/U plus a Performance Shop Mod 2 for second.
Lots of drawings – have a custom rod by Brian Mullhausen and a sweet sea bass/fluke rod and reel I picked out for the boat’s donation.. We give away two t-shirts and something a bit better every week. Have lots and getting more. Two weeks ago it was a St.Croix rod donated by same and an Ambassador reel donated by Walter Moore – perfect combo.
Lots of great items. See oc raffle – Courtney & I fill out tickets every night and email players a copy.
Have two tugs I want to sink at the Queen Reef soon. The only State without a state marine reef program, we keep after best we can. Dern sure it works. Those two tugs will pinch our little non-profit for almost $100K before it’s over.
Buy some raffle tickets!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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