Brought her around the inlet this morning straight into a colorful sunrise. Padd…

2020-09-24 19:28:02
Monty Hawkins

Brought her around the inlet this morning straight into a colorful sunrise. Paddled on off to Jack Kaeufer’s Barge and dropped a dozen penthouse blocks made into 3-packs. Stitched together, these monster 16×20 chimney blocks make an incredible boat deployable unit. With Jack’s laying near the DP Bishop barge sunk this spring, and Lucas Alexander’s Reef built in 2015, this reef group will become a well-known fishing & free diving spot for sure.
After a run offshore my first anchor set was suspicious—only a light west wind pushing her east; had anticipated much more current. Wasn’t long coming. With high-hook already at 5 keeper cbass we soon reanchored to account a freshening current. That anchor set lasted a while; and, with the likes of David Confair aboard, (most call him ‘Cornflower,’) it didn’t take long to see our first limit.
Nor did it take long to pick up our first avian hitchhikers. Blown offshore by NW winds; only the lucky ones find a ride back ashore. Today’s were (I think!) a least flycatcher and most positively a damfino. Bet your last dollar someone will post species under the pic though.
Since we had a steady pick of good keeper cbass coming, thought I’d make a few drops myself with my oldest war-club.
1980 or ‘81? Don’t remember for sure, but I had traded a fellow a nice catch of snapper bluefish from the evening before and a mess of sea bass from that day for the rod. Capt Lynn Jarmon rewrapped it for me in 1986 or so, then I sold it to Tucker in ‘89 for $20.00..
Well, Tuck gave it back not long ago. Rod hasn’t forgotten anything. Still works just fine nearly 40 years on – even in ‘auto’ mode.. (pic where Vic left it in rod holder to adjust anchors..)
Everyone aboard bagged out. David, of course, first. Joe Kopa from Secretary MD caught a fine 19’ cbass & Mark Babiak from DC took everyone’s pool money.
Was some pretty fishing. Hope to see a mess more of it this fall.

Capt Monty Hawkins


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