Calm before the storm come early; we dropped our first-ever “tog penthouse” bloc…

2020-09-17 08:16:04

Calm before the storm come early; we dropped our first-ever “tog penthouse” blocks at Capt. Bobby Gowar’s Memorial Reef in calm seas. I’ve no idea why NOAA has a “small craft advisory” up—it was glorious off there today.
By Friday? Not so much! Sea bass know it’s gonna blow too. Had the feed-bag on pretty good today—caught a boat limit. Nicked a handful of flounder, only saw one mahi—a right decent inshore jumbo; mate Vic even caught a small cutlass fish, but sea bass ruled the day. We were not legally allowed one more sea bass..
Have a sold-out mahi trip tomorrow. Found em plenty OK in Monday’s gusty winds. High man had 8 – low man 4. Hope to do it again in the morning but better. Have a notion that’ll be the end of the nearshore mahi bite though. Too much stormy weather coming.
?Dogone new reservations guy stinks. Talking about myself, mind you. I can catch clients fish—at least some days, but booking em? Oh Boy! Better leave that business to Anna & Cynthia. They’re better at making reservations than I am at fishing! So, for at least another couple days, emailing me is your only option, and not a great one. I sure can’t wait to get back to being captain.. The gals are really good at reservations and actually a pleasure to speak with. Will have my new system up & running Saturday latest. Probably take a couple days to get the kinks out. If you had a reservation taken on the old line, it’s good – I have it. Going to blow NE a near-gale right on into next week. We’ll get our new method sorted out before fishing recommences.
Cheers All,

Capt Monty Hawkins


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