Cbass 7/17/21 It all started at the first red light in my morning commute. Satu…

2021-07-17 19:44:59
Monty Hawkins

Cbass 7/17/21

It all started at the first red light in my morning commute. Saturday a.m. traffic much heavier than most of our resort town mornings; sakes, must have already seen 6 or 8 vehicles time I’d caught the short side of a long yellow. Was grinding my teeth in anguish when I realized half of em were missing – still home soaking..
No pictures of me today.
Same for some of my clients.
Tough Day!
Hey, Sampson had his hair..
Fussiest dagone sea bass bite I’ve seen in a loooong time.
No survey boat’s factual impact, no Hurricane Murray—& forgetting my partial sure didn’t have a dern thing to do with it either. Just a tough bite.
Even a hard day of fishing has its bright spots though. Real bright for a couple folks.. Some clients, in fact, held their own. After Gina C of Port Deposit shoved 20 blocks over atop a reef I’ve worked on close to a decade, we ran considerably further. Mark O had three decent fluke and a slug of throwbacks. There were other keepers around the rail. For a while the day seemed as though it was a fluke trip. Chris F of Colbrokdale PA was high man with 11 sea bass. A trend of late, Chris also took everyone’s “sea bass only” pool money.
Even snuck a trigger in plus a handful of cutlass fish.
(BTW – if you don’t see a pretty red bow on one of those long shiny dudes – it’s a cutlass. Ribbonfish literally have a red ribbon..)
Looks like I may have picked a good time to try a flounder trip tomorrow. Will see what happens with that.
Probably this – Sea bass will bite the bottom off the boat..
I won’t mind so long as morning traffic isn’t too heavy.
Cheers All,

Capt Monty Hawkins


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