Cbass 8/3/21 Overcast but calm as could be; Andrea A of Mexico City, Mexico & El…

2021-08-03 20:44:32
Monty Hawkins

Cbass 8/3/21
Overcast but calm as could be; Andrea A of Mexico City, Mexico & Elizabeth V from Baltimore gave today’s reef blocks a mighty shove and we began fishing..
If I’d had to bet on it this morning I’d have wagered on a great bite—of sea bass putting on a feed in front of tomorrow’s NE blow.
Nawww… Dogone sea bass. Dern things had no intention of biting today. Must have hit 15 spots. Best of it was sorely lackluster by any comparison of this year’s angling.
AhHa! But when I tried for mahi?
It was worse!
Never even saw one.
Here’s a measure: that slayer of untold fish, our own local talent Mike Oates; even Mike failed to get into double digits for the first time this year. In fact, of his 8 trips this was only the second time he didn’t box a limit.
Perseverance had its reward though. I should hope everyone had dinner. At least everyone sea bass fishing. Mike was high hook, of course, but with eight. Young Mr. Tommy O of Lower Dauphin PA pocketed the pool money. You can bet games at the boardwalk will turn a bit more profit tonight.
Maybe the marlin bit good instead? Marina was so empty it looked like February. Nothing but lumber—salt treated poles that is, from my boat to the main office & Micky Fins.
Dern sure a pile of money in this tournament. It’s said the white marlin open is the biggest in the world.
I’ll stick with my sea bass. Pays the bills.

Capt Monty Hawkins


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