Dagone I wish I’d seen that critter. Something left a big hole in the water off …

2020-09-07 09:44:33

Dagone I wish I’d seen that critter. Something left a big hole in the water off my starboard bow on the way home – one heck of a splash. Not enough to have been a whale, close though. We’d caught mahi in the area; could have been a big pointy-nose son of a gun or any number of shark species; bluefin? Big whatever it was.
Laid in for yesterday’s NE winds—paperwork, taxes & reef work got done. Today was as pretty a day as you could ask . Denise & Kathy were our guest reef builders – dropped 18 blocks at Two Tanks Reef.
Sea bass just about took the day off. Caught some when we should have been catching doubles. Fished Harder! Ended up with fish fries for all aboard, even saw some anglers in double-digits. Wil Haussmann from Berlin had the biggest cbass at about 2.75lbs.
Paul Eisley from Easton PA not only boated the largest flounder but limited out too. Wife Cheryl didn’t do so bad herself!
Denise Johnson was not only one of today’s Reef Queens, but the Mahi Queen also. She dern near limited out. I don’t know if anyone else had two.
But the fish that counted was Mike Giovannetti’s mahi. He took today’s pool in grand style with the last fish of the day.
Going to build a LOT of reef in coming weeks & months. Won’t be long and we’ll have sunk the 85’ tug Hoss. Also have a firm bid in on another tug; need to pick up a 50’ steel sailboat (know a boat hauler? Eastern shore to OC. No masts—haul upside down or sideways—doesn’t matter because we’re going to sink it.) ..and I’m also in negotiations for two or more steel fishing trawlers. Oh, plus the cement pyramid project is taking off!
Maryland does not have a State marine reef building program like every other state from Texas to Massachusetts.
Our little non-profit is it—and we’re getting it done too! All private donations — sure could use some fresh funding. Your great-grandchildren will thank you..
Visit ocreefs.org and donate today!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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