Fish Ocean City Maryland shared Ocean City Fishing Center’s post.


Fish Ocean City Maryland shared Ocean City Fishing Center's post.

Ocean City Fishing Center

Per Larry Jock of the COASTAL FISHERMAN

As many of you know, in Maryland, we are limited to 1 striped bass per person measuring 28-inches or greater. After discussions with a high ranking representative at the MD DNR, I received several options that would get us back to 2 fish per person. (FYI – right now, Delaware's regulation is 2 stripers – any combination of 28" to 37" and 44-inches or greater)

I told the state DNR representative that I would put these options out to our readers to get feedback and report back to them with the results.

We can make it simple. Just email your choice to Put your favorite Option # in the Subject box of the email. Here are the choices:

Option B1 – 1 fish per person; 28-inches or better (CURRENT)
Option B5 – 1 fish per person 28"-34" AND 1 fish 36" or greater
Option B6 – 1 fish per person 28"-36" AND 1 fish 38" or greater
Option B7 – 1 fish per person 28"-37" AND 1 fish 40" or greater

I am looking to get back to the MD DNR by December 15th, so please email in your choice and let all of your fishing buddies know about the survey as well. The more responses we get, the better chance we have of getting back to 2 striped bass per person.

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