Greetings All, Fishing? Not so much! With long term weather looking like it di…

2021-02-12 04:00:35
Monty Hawkins

Greetings All,
Fishing? Not so much!
With long term weather looking like it did (and still does!) I committed my crew to several reef projects.
We’ve borrowed a big shed from an anonymous donor and, after first tweaking the plugs (a mold for a mold) for tighter fit, we have now begun making pyramid molds to broaden the project’s footprint.
We loan pyramid molds to concrete plants, you see. They pour “wash out” (lost cement product returning from a job) then this tiny fraction of waste product becomes an aid to restoration efforts in our region. With fewer than 20 forms/molds in the wild we’re already coming up on 400 pyramid units.
What if we had 100 forms? A thousand?
An important budget development – Duffie Boatworks donated 4 huge sacks of heavy fiberglass cloth. And! York Building Products donated ANOTHER tractor-trailer load of off-inventory block.. I love free reef material!
We ALSO have (Hallelujah!) the 200’ McLean barge project back on line. Great Scott but reef building demands patience.. Monday we’ll starting loading large pieces of miscast cement pipe and such. Am unsure how many truckloads we’ll get aboard. Super nice piece if it comes together. The single most toggy reef I’ll have ever built for sure.
THEN there’s a small 40’ barge we’ll sister into existing reef somewhere. As if custom made for this project, someone or some group had made a bunch of square sided(ish) reef units at the Little Patuxent Water Treatment Plant and left em there for a long, looong time.
Did I want them? Sure!
We’ll cable em down to that little barge’s deck, then hunt for every other opportunity to improve its complexity.
Promise: A Reef’s Complexity(nooks and crannies) drive it’s Production(a population of fish’s successful spawning.)
Complexity Drives Production.
Whether from a small barge sunk as artificial reef, or in as broad a context as the loss of complexity in Chesapeake Bay as oysters declined throughout the 1970s – Complexity Drives Production.
A side note – if you’ve sponsored OCRF for a set of charts, 2021 charts will likely go to print mid-March.
New coffee mugs? A new website? Lots of new reef? What?
Idle hands do the devil’s work – stay busy!

We press ahead – sure appreciate y’all’s help. With no chance of natural hardbottoms recreating themselves in our time, I suppose we could also assert: Donations Drive Complexity ..which then Drives Production.
See to help drive!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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