It’s Day 4 and it’s sure to be a good one with 352 out of 408 boats fishing toda…

It's Day 4 and it's sure to be a good one with 352 out of 408 boats fishing toda...

2022-08-11 14:29:42
Fish In OC

It’s Day 4 and it’s sure to be a good one with 352 out of 408 boats fishing today! Today’s fish to beat is Southern C’s who sit in 1st place tuna with a stud 247.5 lb bigeye currently worth 1.2 million. Let’s recap.

Day 1: Reel Tight held first place tuna with a 213.5 lb bigeye until day three. If you haven’t seen angler Brian Stewart’s hilarious interview you’re missing out! (It’s on our fb page, just scroll down.)

Day 2: 0 out of 15 boats came to the scales. First time in 10 years no fish were weighed.

Day 3: ‘BIG Bigeye Open’- seven bigeye were brought to the scale with weights of 192, 192, 203.5, 207.5, 230.5, 246.5 & 247.5 by Reel Estate, Warden Pass, Southern C’s, MJ’s, Big Stick & Southern C’s, respectively.

The Big Stick angler who caught the 246.5 lb bigeye said it was one heck of a fight. The fish kept going back down & took over two hours to boat. Congrats for an amazing catch!

MJ’s angler Dante Soriente has been in beast mode this week cranking in several of the four bigeye they’ve brought to the scales this week weighing 230.5, 198.5, 161.5 & 128. Kudos to this team for donating three of the four tuna to the Maryland Food Bank!!!

The current leader to beat is local OC Boat Southern C’s with 1st place tuna sitting at $1.2 million. We award them the unofficial life of the party award at the dock last night! Fun crew!

There are no white or blue marlin on the board yet. As we said yesterday, marlin fishing has been tough so far this year. Keep in mind tonight and possibly tomorrow night that if no white or blue marlin qualify then that money goes to heaviest tuna. Could make for an amazing payout for a tuna if that scenario happens!

Make sure to check out Wed night’s report with all the pics & money breakdowns. Find out how one million dollars changed hands in one hour!

$1 Million Changes Hands Over One Pound

Don’t miss out on tonight’s live action brought to you by Hooked On OC & Fish in OC. It’s sure to be busy! Will day 4 finally result in a qualifying white or blue Marlin?

Day 4, here we go!


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