Latest I’ve stayed this year. ?Come my last stop a little further and I could’ve…

2021-01-05 23:10:38
Monty Hawkins

Latest I’ve stayed this year. ?Come my last stop a little further and I could’ve caught clients some tilefish.
Probably should have. Dogone MRIP recreational catch estimates have it closed though.
Gorgeous sea bass going back. Venting hard as we could go, most made it back. They’re closed too owing MRIP. You see, when NOAA’s estimates say NY outboards outfished All commercial & party/charter coastwide – and did that several years in a row – (and such a thing could never happen) that’s “OverFishing” — we lose season and see increased size limits/decreased bag limits..
That’s why we are closed and for no other reason.
Did have a precious few scup in with our sea bass, but nothing at all like what we saw just six days ago. Rascals have tails, done scooted on out of here.
Crazy late already, Capt Kane reports a rope fouled humpback whale. Had to try. Couldn’t find it. Lot of conch gear in the area. Probably have a week or more before it’s too late. Hope someone gets him cut free.
Donna Gutridge, my salty old friend, and Jennifer Massey of Edgewood MD were our guest reef builders today.
Scott Verdin of Chesapeake Beach, MD had the day’s first scup.
Harold zuBrinitz also of Edgewood had our scup pool winner..
Fished where the cbass were thick & release ratio was sky high a couple days ago – lots of jumbo cbass but not a lot on the screen.. Even used 3 hook rigs – a first for me since my commercial days 35 years ago. Caught very few scup.
Tried. Left before 6 a getting back around 7…
Everyone knew it was a gamble going in – I gave em all half off another trip anyway.
I expect I’ll pass on my next scup trip.

Capt Monty Hawkins


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