Marina parking lot near-full at even 2:30am of late as tuna boats disappear into…

2021-07-01 20:56:25
Monty Hawkins

Marina parking lot near-full at even 2:30am of late as tuna boats disappear into darkness hoping for an early bite.. Today? Car park near empty; marina’s slips near full.
Must have been calling for some heavy winds 50/60 miles out.
Not so on the inshore cbass grounds ..but I had a light rail too. With only a couple new folks aboard—the rest long time regulars, we departed 20 minutes early and found a diminishing southerly swell in calm winds.
Scott Small must have flattened some sea bass when he dropped today’s blocks—must have. They were thick. Pushed a pyramid over too – kept going.
Blocks make for slow reef building. Gets it done though. Just crossed the 34,000 block mark a couple days ago. Have had many limits of fluke and sea bass off these small reefs we’ve built ourselves off the back of my boat. That’s with publishing exact locations too – none are secret.
Jay Turgeon of Mt. Laurel NJ was first to box out. Two more anglers followed suite with several others within range as I pulled the plug in expectation of afternoon weather & headed for the barn.
Though calm this morning, she was getting sassy by early afternoon.
Size of fish was first class; be some great meals.
Long time regular, Mark Ozolines from Lutherville MD, took everyone’s pool money (Ahh Drama!) with a fish caught just before the bell.
Have LOTS of spaces open Sunday, July 4th – some Monday too. Weather looks near perfect. Traffic won’t be horrid west bound till after fireworks.
Going into OC? Well…..
Derned if I know though. Inlet parking lot was strangely vacant this afternoon too.
I can’t imagine a slow fourth in OC. After the fireworks will be a mess like always.
Every Sunday I draw a winner for our Benelli Reef Raffle weekly prize and two t-shirt winners. This one is a rod me and the boys donated – a sweet Shimano Trevala with a Diawa 15H. Nice combo for our reef fishing.
I now have 3 barges & 2 tugs plus a couple other projects – the raffle is a fun way to help..
If I sank everything I could get my hands on right now it would run just under $150,000.00…
Did I say “Fun way to help”?
What I mean is HELP!
Buy tix at .. Courtney & I will fill em out and email you a pic.

Capt Monty Hawkins


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