NEW BOAT RULE Five days in a row of fishing, a rare winter weather gift, and 23…


2022-01-02 13:50:57
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Five days in a row of fishing, a rare winter weather gift, and 23 DD fish up to a very fat 29.6” 19 1/2 pounder released.
So over the last 5 days we have had some decent fishing to one of our worst trips in years. Congratulations to Sunny Kim on catching his new PB fish at 29.6” 19.6 pounds. Sunny purchased a new to him rod, and put it to test on the very first day. The magic 20 pounder that everyone seeks needs to be 30”+ and have some weight to it. Every once in awhile we will see a fish under 30” hit that mark, but it needs to be a super fat one. While Sunnys fish was fat it didn’t hit that mark. Our next largest fish of the week went to Chris with his fat 16 pounder. Jason also managed his new PB with us at 14 pounds, and landing 3 DD in the same day.
Yesterday we went from Hero to Zero with having one of our slowest trips in years. Raging North current all day we just couldn’t get them chewing. Dogs were Ferocious all day. Very Frustrating day. Guys fished hard for 6 fish Into OT.
While we have seen some decent fishing it’s definitely the slowest starts to the Winter Tog Season we have ever had. Lots of working hard and fishing late, because of this we are starting a new rule aboard our vessels. We are implementing a new rule of 3 fish per man at 16”, instead of the States 4 at 16”. Every little bit we can do to help these slow growers will pay us back in years to come.
We understand that some may not like our new rule, and that is no problem. Please contact me, so I can open your date back to the public. Thanks Guys!!


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