Went out on the Espadon with ex Washington Caps defenseman Sylvain Cote out of Sunset marina, and Captain Karl Bieberich working as first mate and Sylvain’s son Caden helping Karl out. We were on fish all day, we had 14 or 15 Whites come to baits, got 9 to the boat and landed this 173 lb yellowfin, and lost what we think was another giant yellow fin as they hit the baits at the same time, too bad one was a 20lb rig, fought it for 40 minutes before we lost it. Was a great day fishing. Sylvain really did a great job keeping the boat in position when we had fish hooked up, that dude can drive a boat, and Karl was phenomenal in helping get the fish hooked up and to the boat and worked his butt off all day working the baits/rigs. Karl worked on hooking one  marlin 4 times before he finally hooked it up, was awesome to watch. You want to get on fish and have the Captain and crew work 110% give them a call 410-703-9191

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