..on a flat rock off a forty foot cliff, I’d say. But after that? No more downpo…

2020-09-10 16:36:33

..on a flat rock off a forty foot cliff, I’d say. But after that? No more downpours, not even a light sprinkle. Even had some sun & glad of it.
Dropped blocks at Mom’s Reef – Virginia Lee’s Memorial Reef to y’all. Have had some thoughtful donations to that special spot. It’ll be entirely hand built off the back of my boat with pyramids, reef blocks, tog condos and, our new monster blocks—the ‘tog penthouses‘ that should arrive any day. Those 16×20 chimney blocks are going to live up to their nickname – guaranteed.
Anyway, dropped blocks & started hunting some mahi. Caught a handful too before dropping on reef.
Sea bassing started out slow enough I was becoming concerned. I despise sending folks home to stink a pan with fried tofu – eat fish!
Bite did improve, even began adding a flounder or two, then a few more.
Beau Lyons of Greenbackville VA took everyone’s pool money today with a right nice fluke. Ms Marlene Parr of Baltimore County showed all the young bucks how to catch keeper doubles – wasn’t her first time either, promise. Brad Richwine of Williams Grove PA caught a different keeper double – fluke low, cbass high.
Dinners around the rail – no one’s slicing tofu tonight on my account.
Have just announced trips through October 4th in “Fish Report 9/10/20.” Left a few days blank that I might schedule some manner of special trip here & there.
It’s what works in the Covid summer.
(Strange pic of glop of epoxy is what I did instead of buying an $800.00 helm seat. Can’t be doing that – we have reef to build!)
Cheers All!

Capt Monty Hawkins


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