One of the voices from within my tackle box said I ought to try a 12 hour trip t…

2019-10-03 15:20:56

One of the voices from within my tackle box said I ought to try a 12 hour trip today. Dang sure could have picked a calmer one!
Dropped blocks at Two Tanks Reef where we now have 935 reef blocks. There’s an APC & M60A1 Abrams main battle tank about 60 feet apart from the Army’s “Operation Reef EX” in 1994. We’re slowly stitching them together to make a single, much larger reef.
Too windy to press offshore any further, we fished a couple spots there with some, if limited, success.
Then, as forecasted, twenty knot winds began to diminish. Picked up the anchor and went back to plan A.
Oyyyyy… What a bite. Found thirty-five feet of sea bass and Boy were they chewing!
The bite was so good our very own Prince of Portliness, Hurricane Murray his dernself, was able to repeatedly catch doubles on bare hooks – no bait, no grub, no gulp – just two shiny hooks – even keeper doubles!
Soon everyone had lost track. I had to call a halt & move off while mate Cody did a count. Five clients got to make one more drop and we were done—a complete boat limit.
Like it like that!
Dern sure glad we went. Looks like a LOT of “Stay in and do maintenance” weather coming!

Hurricane Murray with mate Courtney Thompson — Hurricane’s keeper double caught with bare hooks.

John Griffin of Pine Bush NY shows off a keeper double..

Wayne Fawley of Garnett Valley PA with a keeper double.

Mike Ziegler (Zig!) of WOC shows off a dandy.

Also in the group snap are Ray Ricci of Dundalk MD – Paul Kinsinger of Harrisburg PA – Adm. John Niedermair – Chris Bogan of Lewes DE – & Gerald Meadows of Salisbury MD..


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