Sea Bass 6/15/21 – The return of Murray Adams! Rust-stained & oil starved, the…

2021-06-15 19:34:26
Monty Hawkins

Sea Bass 6/15/21 – The return of Murray Adams!

Rust-stained & oil starved, the 1950s wheellock spun begrudgingly outside one of several covid-proof nuclear fallout shelter doors in an undisclosed area of the Appalachian foothills. Rumored to be near New Wuhan MD, where locals enjoy General Tso’s candy-fried bat breast, moo goo bat pan; even serving bat fried rice for the less daring while dining near a recently constructed state of the art research lab dedicated, we’re told, to genetic research of oak and sassafras trees; the ‘No Exercise/TV Only’ care facility advertises dessert with every meal plus bedtime, they’d begun discharging covid shelter clients only recently. As the Mid-Atlantic’s citizenry begins to regain normalcy, our region’s reef fish have simultaneously become less safe, especially now that Man, Myth, Legend and Master of Portly Angling Prowess has re-emerged, cicada-like, upon the DelMarVa angling scene. Yes, it’s true. Our righteous rodman of royal rotundity has again ventured back into daylight to devastate the region’s reef fish: We call him Hurricane Murray.
I jest not. With rumors of his demise decidedly premature, Courtney’s Uncle Murray—underground some 14 months with virtually no contact from the outside world save his commission-earning Swiss banking team; Uncle Murray finally came along for some of this season’s fine sea bassing.

While Murray did box a keeper first drop, it soon became apparent his good friend (if also kyriptonite!) Cathy Creel (who was steadily skipping the ruler heading for the cooler,) no, Cathy wasn’t about to let Murray have an easy return to angling fame. As she broke into double digits & with a nice grade of sea bass to boot, our recent returnee could still have, sadly, doubled his catch with a keeper double.
Then, sensing opportunity to salt a wound deep in Murray’s couch-bound flesh, Flounder George fell back to his roots with a DelMarVa-decent fluke of 21.5 inches. He would catch 4 more though 3 were short.
Employing his keen grasp of the obvious, Murray knew his reputation was on the line and landed a nice knothead that would have come out for today’s weigh in. It is, after all, a ‘sea bass only’ pool.
Ahhh, but Flounder George would have none of it; and, right at the bell, trounced all competitors for today’s money – And had first limit among 8..
Despite the thrashing, I’m sure happy to have Murray back aboard – it is indeed another step toward normalcy.

Capt Monty Hawkins


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