2022-07-03 19:52:21
Monty Hawkins

Sea Bass 7/3/22
Ain’t it just like a fish..
Despite threats of unending rain; pretty morning.
Got prettier too.
Very much so.
Right calm off there today.
Heidi, a long time regular, laid today’s blocks to rest atop a new site we’ve begun. Think I’ll put Nick Caloyianis and his wealth of u/w video gear on it soon for a “before & after” timeline growth comparison..
Nick was just awarded his second Emmy for underwater work. We’re incredibly lucky to have him on our team for reef building.
Fishing begun; my clients caught more sea bass in 15 minutes today than all day Friday. Ornery scoundrels. Ain’t it just like a fish..
Names here may have been changed to protect the innocent (or not.) Heidi and Ron were fishing either side of the anchors today. It’s a long list; but they’re both among my best clients – fun to fish with & skilled in the catching. Yes, sea bass present a pretty low bar. But, trust me, there’s a skill curve that aligns closely with “luck”. Except for biggest, mind you. Though skill often plays a part, the pool winner can be caught anywhere on the rail by anyone (especially an 8 to 10 year old granddaughter in braids..)
So, Heidi found a rod “on sale” and it’s serviceable, but I hand her one from the wheelhouse rack anyway. Turns out to be the hot stick.
Or was it hot rig?
When she lost that rig close to lunch time she was high hook on the boat by a mile; was absolutely pummeling her neighbors, one of whom (feel free to guess) only had one keeper.
Crew tied a new rig on and she lost her mojo.. Only kept one more. This while her neighbors did much better – were boxing some up as the bite improved.
Meanwhile, another fellow toward the stern was looking at a goose egg.
Fish around the rail.
Keeper skunked.
Brian & Vic fished a bit and threw 3 in his cooler; make some dinner.
And then, same time Heidi lost her touch, this fellow catches one keeper after another. Ends up high hook on the boat from having zero at 11:45..
Lester from PA took the pool on this odd day of luck..


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