Sea Bass and a few mahi 8/4/22 Man.. That was some ocean this morning. “Lake Atl…

Sea Bass and a few mahi 8/4/22
Man.. That was some ocean this morning. “Lake Atl...

2022-08-03 21:30:36
Monty Hawkins

Sea Bass and a few mahi 8/4/22
Man.. That was some ocean this morning. “Lake Atlantic” as some of the fellows say. We again held course for Tyler Long’s Memorial Barge where Patricia from Annapolis & Adam from York PA deployed loose substrate into the barge to accelerate coral growth. From there – east.
I though our first stop was going to make short work of this long trip with a light rail. Sea bass were stacked up 45 feet off the bottom feeding on krill.
Seriously. It was a lot of fish.
I soon discovered dern few of them wanted anything to do with our offerings.
Oh boy..
So much for an easy day.
Working for em paid off though. Cavan from York pocketed today’s pool money with a truly heavy sea bass. Had some competition; beat em all. High hook had 14 – one shy a limit.
Even stumbled upon our first real mahi action of the summer. That’s what I’d hoped when I set up these 11 hour trips – a chance to mix it up.
May even see some on regular trips. Have lots of room at the moment for Friday.
If you only want sea bass? You may have to suffer though some mahi fishing. If you only want mahi? You’ll positively have to suffer some cbassing – at least until I can offer dedicated trips.
They may or may not happen. Who could guess what mahi are going to do in coming days and weeks.

I sure wish I kept better notes. Had a fellow look me up at the Fishing Center docks back in the early 2000s. He wanted to tell me what he’d seen over 30-some years of flying back and forth between Newark, NJ & Orlando, FL most of his career as an airline pilot. In the early years, he said he’d see blue water east and green water west – flew down the line. Over time that changed until, when he retired, there was no blue water.
It was all green.
He was already retired when we spoke.
It got worse.
Let me tell you, it’s a lot of water. Talking about the Mid-Atlantic Ocean to even beyond canyons edges having turned green at times.
But if we rebuild oyster populations to filter off nutrients and excess algae (algae is where ‘green’ comes from) ..algae that fatten up and successfully reproduce by consuming those nutrients, we can turn the ocean blue again.
I think the ocean is already improving just from the oyster restoration work completed to date.
A little.
I pay attention, after all.
Hope it continues apace – accelerates even.
See MD CCA’s habitat work. Though a small player so far; like our coastal reef building non-profit, the Ocean City Reef Foundation, CCA’s habitat guys are getting work done on a looooow budget.
For coral work in the ocean, see
Boy, do we have a lot going on right now. Have lots of announcements to make..


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