Sea Bass and (a precious few) Mahi 8/14/21 Mighty dark to our north this morning…

2021-08-14 22:23:47
Monty Hawkins

Sea Bass and (a precious few) Mahi 8/14/21
Mighty dark to our north this morning around sun up. Plenty of lightning in that dark sky too. Fortunately the storm was tracking east by north (where “NE” is a dead split between compass points, boxing the compass has dead east with a touch north expressed as ExN or east by north..)
Anyway, it looked like a hurricane had gone by with all the branches and pine needles down in the neighborhood. With possible storm winds, I was glad that mess was tracking out of harms way.
Waiting on a truckload of block to come so that we might renew our daily drops; Zig pushed a handful of cement garden edging overboard atop a reef we’re working on – as ever, we pressed on.
Mahi weren’t in our tarot cards this morning. Worked sea bass instead. Pretty tough pick, but with some dandies in there.
By afternoon the current had switched and was starting to rip. That added complexity to our day. Then came a few partyboat perfect mahi…
Man with two watches never knows to time – I focused clients’ effort on both species best I could.
Dern sure Ron’s sea bass was worth the effort. I didn’t know he’d never won the pool. Beat that curse!
Also had a few sea bass that had been feeding on worms or surfclams; perhaps scallops also. Usually see small surfclams in em. See it every year in one area or another; they’ll have a big red strawberry on their cheek..
Lay in a couple days. Back at it Tuesday.
Cheers All,

Capt Monty Hawkins


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