Tied her loose this am to find a California sunrise – left coasts’ massive fires…

2020-09-23 19:47:09
Monty Hawkins

Tied her loose this am to find a California sunrise – left coasts’ massive fires causing a smoky yellowish haze. Didn’t take any reef blocks today. Had all we wanted with a pair of 100lb anchors & mounds of heavy rope – anchor line from 1 1/4” 3 strand nylon to 3 inch hawser – so that we might put the 85’ Tug, ‘Hoss,’ exactly where we want it.
With a widely spaced 14 second ground swell to 11 feet, and a fresh NW breeze over 20knots, it was too dicey for a drift set with those 100lb Navy anchors.
Put one of my regular fishing anchors down instead and pivoted off that while deploying the heavy stuff off the stern to make a perfectly safe reef marker.
Still, winds were not as forecast – a nasty set was building from the NNW. Wasn’t at all sure we’d make a day if it. I anchored again over WillBilly’s Memorial Reef and nicked a few keeper sea bass while waiting for conditions to catch up with the forecast.
And they did.. Wind fell out, seas piped down; slid on offshore aways to put some cbass limits along the rail—Rickey C. from Bowie MD bagged out first; Hassan Muhammad pocketed everyone’s pool money — 2 for 2 at that! Back to back trips he and his wife won the pool and reef raffle. Hmmm.. Lotto time?
Beats sitting at the dock.. .. ..
Young migrant birds often get blown offshore this time of year – usually a fatal mistake, I’m sure. Some lost migrants, however, hitchhike back ashore with us. Today’s stowaways included a northern flicker, red breasted nuthatch, and a brown thrasher. Big ocean out there. I’ve seen seagulls eat their smaller terrestrial cousins after they collapse, enervated, into the sea. It’s an unkind world. . .

Lost a solid week to that dry NE wind. Took care of a major business issue in that time though—opened a new reservation line for the Morning Star. Figured with a change that big I may as well make another. Started carrying 18 souls instead of 25 when the Guvnor allowed us to begin fishing again this spring. Seemed everyone liked it all summer long; mates & myself included.
Now the rod holders have been reconfigured, there’s a new chart on the website too. It shows spots 1 through 18, not 25. It’s staying that way — ain’t going back.
“The Party Boat That’s Never Too Crowded” just became even less so.
(Pic of sounder shows 11 foot swell)

Capt Monty Hawkins
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