Togs have remained Fussy for the start of the season, but we sure have seen some nice ones. Over the last 3 Tog trips we have seen 13 DD fish up to 16.5 pounds. The Anglers who have been patient, and waited to capitalize on their bites have faired the best. This is definitely not a drop and reel fishery. Lately some guys have only had a handful of bites all day, but if your patient you are rewarded.
Capt Kevin had the Fish Bound out the last 2 days for some Jumbo SeaBass, and Fluke up to 6 pounds.
Capt DJ is headed to Maine tonight to grab our new engine for the Double Trouble. With a little luck we should have her up and running, by the end of the week. Looking forward to getting her back in service. Thanks Guys!!


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