What’s this? First pretty Saturday in, what? Six?Seven weeks? Nice one too. Fi…

2021-06-26 19:17:01
Monty Hawkins

What’s this? First pretty Saturday in, what? Six?Seven weeks?
Nice one too.
Fish counter gals Sarah & MaryKate did the deed on our blocks/pyramids today. Bullseyes all.
They’re part of MRIP’s “For Hire” catch estimates – certainly the best estimates in the “marine recreational information program” (MRIP). While Party/Charter (For-Hire) Are Good: I never expect anything but garbage from MRIP’s Private Boat estimates. They rarely let me down. For private boats MRIP literally offers fishery managers a guess. A bad guess. LOL dumb guesses are not infrequent. Problem: If MRIP’s computer says private boats from Rhode Island caught enough of any regulated species to stretch around the moon and back – then that’s bloody well what happened and Don’t You Dare Argue It!
From the For-Hire side, however—where we tell NOAA what we caught everyday? Sometimes those catch estimates aren’t so bad.
From MRIP’s recreational catch estimates is formed the very heart of fisheries regulation. When estimates run too high, that’s “overfishing” & we pay dearly.
But that argument isn’t for now. Went fishing.. Clients had fun.
First limit (in a time of year when ‘any limit’ should be remarkable) was by Earl Miller of Philly at about noon. We had another limit at twenty after; while Zig, poor fellow, had a bad dose of the ‘counting curse.’ He shot up to 14 keeper sea bass long before anyone else, and got stuck. Even if I did have a laser-guided size definition driven sea bass herding marine pulsometer which I could use to steer keepers away from some anglers while allowing others to catch, I wouldn’t use it on Zig, just Murray. Zig hit that lag all by himself. Made up for it at the scale though. Bagging out third ain’t so bad when you’ve won the pool.
Didn’t play overtime today. Angler Chris had spotted a storm line on his radar. I painted it too with my 72 mile set. Great big long line of rain; from what I could see it stretched from Chesapeake Bay up into DE Bay. sure didn’t move fast, but eastward it came. I pulled the plug on our day just as we hit the full day mark. Then, when I was about ten miles off the beach, the whole line fizzled – poof.
All gone.
Don’t mind a bit, Thank You.
I’ll take a squall free wharfing anytime.
See what tomorrow brings..

Capt Monty Hawkins


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