When we set out on our 36hr trip, we where looking for Tuna ! We started south o…

2021-05-24 23:57:24
Roshambo Sportfishing

When we set out on our 36hr trip, we where looking for Tuna ! We started south of the Norfolk Canyon, 98 miles from Ocean City. We found 66 degree water, but there was no bait or signs of life. The water was blue-green and clean, so we trolled around for half the day looking for Tuna. Unfortunately we had zero bites. I then decided to run about 12 miles south east to where I thought there was another break, I found 70 degree water ! There was a big weed line, tons of bait and birds wheeling around so we set out ! We trolled around for about 45 minutes before we had our first bite. We had a Blue Marlin on for a few minutes, estimated to be 500 pounds plus, but ended up loosing him. We had him on a “Fish Down Sea Tuna Flare”. Then we went back to trolling and not even 30 minutes later we had another Blue Marlin on ! Unfortunately we pulled him off, but he ate a green “18 inch Stearling WideTracker”. We went back to trolling a few minutes later we got tight on a White Marlin ! We caught him on another Tuna Flare from “Fish Down Sea.” ! The angler was Conner Bauer from Kentucky. He did a great job and then not even 30 minutes later we had another White Marlin on and this time we had Ben Bauer Conners Dad on the reel. Ben did a great job catching our second white marlin. We had one more White Marlin bite that we did not get. After a while we started to chugging north towards the Washington Canyon where I wanted to stay the night. After getting there and getting set up for shark fishing, we ended up releasing 1 blue shark, 2 dusky and we killed a 72” “male” mako shark, 61 sea bass, 14 blue line tile fish, 18 golden tile fish, and 1 trigger fish. It was a great trip to say the least ! It disappointing that we weren’t inside 100 nautical miles of Ocean City to collect the town of Ocean City and the Marlin Clubs prize money for the first white marlin of the year, but we will keep trying! This will be a trip that I will never forget and I believe that’s what it’s all about!


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